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Reduce the time spent on endless customs research

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Reduce the time spent on endless customs research

rDuty's solutions are designed to allow you to:

  • Identify tariff numbers with our Classifier,
  • Calculate duties, taxes and other fees with our Landed cost Calculator
  • Stay informed on compliance rules.

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Customs and supply chain

Savings Visibility into data on imports and exports globally can help Trade officers identify a reduction of customs duties and fees through programs such as free trade agreements, customs duty drawbacks, foreign trade zones or other duty deferral programs, or first-sale for export.

Reporting and analysis

The capture of trade data should also provide the Trade Officer with a deep well of insight into their supply chain activities across their various partners including customs brokers, freight forwarders, carriers and other logistics providers.

Customs risk management

Not only does the availability of trade data allow the Manager to monitor daily trade activity in each country if desired, it also allows them to manage their risks better (for example, by reviewing products’ trade attributes holistically and focusing on the products with inconsistencies.